Project Background

Welcome to the Sierra Leone Land Administration Project (SLLAP). Our project, supported by the World Bank, aims to establish an efficient and accessible land administration system in Sierra Leone. We recognize the critical role of land administration in fostering economic development, social stability, and sustainable land management practices.

Sierra Leone faces numerous challenges in its land sector, including weak institutional and technical capacity, inadequate legislative framework, tenure insecurity, and unresolved land disputes. These challenges hinder the efficient and transparent management of land resources, affecting livelihoods and hindering investment opportunities.

To address these challenges, the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning is leading the implementation of the SLLAP. The project seeks to provide land owners, users, and managers with the enabling environment necessary for the widespread adoption of sustainable land management practices.

Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to strengthen institutional capacity, enhance the land information system, record and register land tenure rights, provide effective project management, and develop a contingency emergency response plan.

Our project is designed to empower stakeholders and promote active engagement in land administration processes. We are committed to transparency, inclusiveness, and collaboration with government agencies, civil society organizations, traditional leaders, media institutions, and other key stakeholders.

By improving land administration practices, we aim to create a system that is efficient, transparent, and accessible. This will not only facilitate land transactions and mitigate land disputes but also promote investment, economic growth, and social development in Sierra Leone.